Mamata calls for mass awakening against economic slowdown

Kolkata: Expressing concern over the economic situation prevailing in the country, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday called for a mass awakening against UPA government's "anti-people" policies through social networking websites and other mediums.
She also accused the Centre of selling out the country and criticised the main opposition BJP for its failure to properly grill the government on the issue.
Addressing a rally of the Trinamool Congress' student wing here, Mamata said, "The country is passing through an economic disaster. The Centre is selling out the country.
Prices of everything are rising. Prices of petrol and diesel are rising frequently."
She said, "Let us build up a massive public opinion through social networking sites like Facebook and other mediums against the Centre's selling out the country."
Hitting out at BJP, she said, "Where is the leader of the country to save the people from the economic onslaught? Those who are supposed to raise their voices of protest have wound up."
However, she asserted, the Trinamool Congress would continue its crusade against the Centre's anti-people policies. "We cannot accept the country being sold out this way."
She called upon the students to shout slogans from the land of Bengal to "save the country".
"As the CPI(M) was ousted from power in Bengal, similarly Bengal will show the way for change of power in Delhi," she asserted.