Lokpal made Enquiry Pal: Kiran Bedi

New Delhi: Describing the parliamentary Standing Committee report on Lokpal Bill as "very self- defeating", Team Anna member Kiran Bedi tonight said the proposed anti-corruption ombudsman is being made a mere "Enquiry Pal" by giving no powers to it. "The Standing Committee report on Lokpal Bill is very self-defeating. Lokpal Being is being made an `Enquiry Pal`.

This is not what we agitated for," Bedi told PTI when asked about her reaction on the Committee report. She said they have not agitated for "another CVC (Central Vigilance Commission" which does not have any power. Contending that Lokpal is being made a "post office", she said "CBI is the Chief Chef for cooking (investigations) and Lokpal the bearer (prosecution) serving what is there," she said.

Asked about the next course of action, she said Hazare has already announced that he will resume the agitation. "The message is very clear. We have said that we will campaign in poll-bound states. It appears Congress is not afraid of losing elections but it is afraid of losing control of CBI," she said referring to the rejection of Team Anna`s demand for bringing CBI`s anti-corruptuion wing under Lokpal.

Referring to continous disruption of Parliament on one issue or another, Bedi said if needed, the government should call a special session to pass the Lokpal Bill. Team Anna has been insisting that the Bill should be passed in the ongoing winter session of Parliament. The Standing Committee concluded its deliberations on the Lokpal Bill this evening amidst sharp division among its members on the inclusion of the Prime Minister within Lokpal`s ambit.