Lokpal Bill will be passed in monsoon session

COIMBATORE: The BJP on Monday said it would ensure that the Lokpal Bill, if brought forward in the monsoon session of Parliament by the UPA, is passed without any hassles.

"That will be done. The UPA government should not only introduce the bill but also take steps to pass it," veteran BJP leader L K Advani said at an election rally here.

He said it had taken just four days for Anna Hazare and thousands of people to bring the government "to its knees" and agree for a draft Lokpal Bill, an irony, considering it took over two months for lawmakers to make the government agree to a JPC on the 2G spectrum scam.

Advani said the government had to bow before public ire as it feared any unrest all over the nation as in other countries would be very difficult to contain.

He said Manmohan Singh had two strong points when he assumed office as Prime Minister — being a great economist and a honest person. But both were demolished by government`s non-performance on various counts, he alleged.

"He failed as an economist not being able to control the skyrocketing prices and the honesty was lost when the government was put on mat on major scams like 2G spectrum, Commonwealth Games and Adarsh Housing Society," Advani said.

Stating that Singh had to defend the corrupt practices of his cabinet colleagues, including the then telecom minister A Raja, Advani said the PM had gone on record to state that this was part of the compulsion of coalition politics.

In contrast, A B Vajpayee who led the 23 party NDA never compromised on corruption.

Despite US sanctions after Pokhran nuclear test, the NDA government held prices in check without creating problems for the common man, he said.