Let’s fight dengue first: Kejriwal tells Centre

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday requested the Narendra Modi government to fight the dengue menace together instead of indulging in political rivalry.

“My request to the central government – can’t we fight on these issues after two months? Let us fight dengue for now,” the chief minister tweeted.

His comments came after Delhi Lt. Governor Najib Jung sent memorandum to government officials, asking them not to follow the Delhi government’s orders. It declared the government’s orders as “illegal and void”.

Kejriwal said: “Received “Memorandum” from LG (Najeeb Jung), in which he says that he has issued instructions from central government.”

A memorandum from Jung’s office dated September 17 was sent to all officers placed with the Delhi government, including officers of the All India Services, head of departments and others.

According to the memorandum: “The government of India has taken note of the current constitutional position in Delhi and major instances of violation of the constitution, law and rules.”

It said the change in pay structure of Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Service (DANICS) officers according to the government of India was “illegal and ab initio void”.

The memorandum also added that if any officer complied with the “illegal” orders, disciplinary action and recovery of financial loss caused to the government would follow.

“The orders declared illegal by the government of India should not be complied with. Should any officer choose to do so, both disciplinary action for compliance of illegal orders, and recovery of financial loss caused to the government as a result of such action, would follow,” it said.