Kejriwal refuses to toe line with Hazare, Ramdev

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal, a key member of Team Anna, today publicly disagreed with Anna Hazare and yoga guru Ramdev on the issue of targeting Pranab Mukherjee after he became the President.

While Ramdev had disapproved of attacks against Mukherjee after he was sworn-in as President on Wednesday, Hazare had congratulated Mukherjee and refrained from making any adverse remarks against him. “Some people are saying that we should not talk about Pranab Mukherjee`s corruption after he became President. I don`t agree with that,” Kejriwal said, addressing people at Jantar Mantar here.

Hazare was present on the stage when Kejriwal was speaking. “The President post was decorated when Rajendra Prasad and Abdul Kalam were there, but now the post has lost its sheen. I respect the Parliament which Ambekar and Lal Bhahdur Shashtri attended, I don`t respect the Parliament which has Lalu Prasad, Mulayam Singh and Kanimozhi,” Kejriwal said.

“President and Parliament are not higher than God. We are ready to be called traitors for the better good of the nation,” he said. Kejriwal`s assertion comes a day after Ramdev said attacks on Mukherjee should stop as he is holding the highest Constitutional post in the country. Hazare had also said that he congratulated Mukherjee on being elected as President. However, Kejriwal and another team member Prashant Bhushan have been attacking Mukherjee.