Kejriwal, Bhushan, Bedi to meet Hazare tomorrow

New Delhi: Three Team Anna members, facing attacks on various issues, will meet Anna Hazare in Ralegan Siddhi tomorrow to apprise him about today`s deliberations at the Core Committee meeting which decided that there was no need for "dismantling" the team.

Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi tonight left for Ralegan Siddhi where Hazare is currently observing a vow of silence. They will meet him tomorrow and discuss the deliberations held at the Core Committee meeting here. Amid allegations of financial misconduct, the Core Committee of Team Anna met but ruled out disbanding itself, saying it will not be cowed down by government`s "attempts to target its members".

After the meeting, Kejriwal told reporters that he and Bhushan will be going to Ralegan Siddhi to brief Hazare about the deliberations at today`s meeting. However, Bedi later tweeted that she is also accompanying Bhushan and Kejriwal to Ralegan Siddhi. "On our way to Ralegan Sidhi with Arvind and Prashant to meet Annaji and seek his further guidance," she tweeted.

This will be the first meeting the trio will be having with Hazare after they were enmeshed in allegations. Kejirwal was accused of depositing donations for the Hazare agitation in a trust run by him which does not have have members of Team Anna while Bedi faced attack for overcharging her hosts by inflating travel bills.

Bhushan was attacked by right-wing activists for advocating a plebiscite in Kashmir. Hazare came out in public to denounce Bhushan`s view while he had supported Bedi and Kejriwal saying a "gang of four" in the ruling Congress had been behind the allegations.