Kashmir report on Wednesday

New Delhi: The three-member Central panel on Jammu Kashmir will on Monday submit its report to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, after which the government will examine the recommendations of a “roadmap” suggested by them. Announced exactly a year ago, the team of three interlocutors Dilip Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar and M M Ansari have completed their report within the time-frame of one year given by the government.

Declining to share the highlights of the report, Padgaonkar said the interlocutors had visited all parts of the state and met a cross section of people to understand their view points. “We have suggested a roadmap at the end of the report and it was up to the government to carry forward the recommendations,” Padgaonkar told PTI here.

The interlocutors` panel had met nearly 700 delegations during the past one year besides holding three round-table conferences and attending three gatherings.The report represents almost all voices of the state, Padgaonkar said.

Asked whether the voice of separatist Hurriyat leaders, who chose not to meet them, would be reflected, he said “we have taken into account both mainstream and off-stream opinions and in particular various inputs made by the both Hurriyat factions.”Padgaonkar said “we have endeavoured to address all aspects on Kashmir-political, economic, social and cultural.”