Kalmadi found having tea with jail official

New Delhi: A cup of tea with the jail superintendent, no restriction whatsoever to enter and exit prison cells, meeting co-accused, unrestricted access to the entire jail premises – this is what life is like in Tihar Jail for the “high-profile” Undertrial Prisoners (UTPs).

All this was witnessed by inspecting trial court judge Brijesh Kumar Garg, who was on a surprise visit to the jail on Thursday.

Sacked CWG Organizing Committee chief and a “high-profile” Undertrial Prisoner Suresh Kalmadi was found having tea and snacks with the jail superintendent in his chamber.

“I was aghast to see that ‘high profile’ undertrial prisoners were being given undue liberty by the jail authorities," a newspaper quoted Garg as saying.

When Garg, an additional district judge, asked the jail superintendent as to why Kalmadi was there, he was told that the sacked CWG organizer was waiting for a van to take him to a hospital.

The superintendent, however, couldn’t explain the tea and snacks.

The Jail Superintendent was transferred following the disclosures on Saturday. In addition, the superintendent has also been asked to submit an entire record of the medical treatment given to Kalmadi, along with details of his visits to hospitals.

In his report to the district and sessions judge, Garg was quoted as saying to a newspaper that he was "surprised to see Kalmadi, who is in judicial custody, was sitting with the Jail Superintendent Bharadwaj and was enjoying tea/coffee and biscuits/namkeen".

Meanwhile, Kalmadi was’t the only inmate enjoying the special services; Old “VIP” inmates Vikas Yadav and Vishal Yadav, who are serving a life term for the murder of Nitish Katara, were found enjoying a stroll in the jail garden.

"Both Vishal and Vikas Yadav were roaming around in the garden of the jail, way beyond permitted time," the report said.

Garg concluded by saying, "It appears that the high profile accused and convicts were thoroughly enjoying their stints at the Central Jail Number 4, courtesy the jail officials."