Kalam urges elders to change mindset of students

Balasore: Seeking quality education for students particularly in school level to bring radical changes in their mindset, former President A P J Abdul Kalam today asked teachers and family members to encourage the young ones.

"It is not the building or infrastructure that makes an educational institution great. Imparting quality education and igniting ideas will help them acquire knowledge and give positive shape to the young mind," Kalam said at the golden jubilee celebration of Sachindra Kumar High School at Langaleswar in Odisha`s Balasore district.

Kalam deplored commercialisation of education and said each students had potential of developing a great idea but it required proper nourishment and training and for this family and educational institution were the proper place for learning. The former president asked the students as well as locals to take a vow to plant at least five trees each every year which not only help in keeping the environment green but also combat rising pollution.

"A mature tree absorbs about 20 kg of carbon dioxide and emits 20 kg of oxygen throughout a year. So a small step undertaken by students and their family can bring big changes to rising environment pollution," Kalam said. Politics as a career option drew poor response from the students, as Kalam asked them about their career plans compared to bureaucracy, teaching and engineering an technology.