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Kalam is the president of people: Mamata

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee today described A P J Abdul Kalam as people`s president and said she was hurt that he has decided not to contest the presidential elections.

“I have seen your statement that you are not contesting. This news has hurt all of us deeply,” she said in her latest Facebook post. Describing Kalam as a `people`s president`, she said that he had bridged the gap between high office and common people.

“After waiting for 3-4 painful days, some political parties simply failed the people at this critical moment in responding to the clarion call given by so many common citizens of our nation to stand up for a man of impeccable integrity, highest moral character and an inspiration for the young generation of this country,” she said.

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Noting that in these trying and difficult times, public trust in the political class and institutions is under serious stress, she said, “There is a lack of faith of the common people in political entities who partake in rampant corruption and underhand dealings. “Some self-seeking politicians have discarded all ethics and thereby have alienated themselves from the people.”

A day after she said it was most unfortunate that politics in “our great nation has become murky and values, public interest have been compromised through the use of money, power and scams”, Mamata said, “I have unshakable belief in the indomitable will of the people of my country.

They will rise to cleanse Indian politics and bring back honesty, values and ethics.” The Trinamool supremo thanked from the bottom of her heart “all my brothers and sisters, for your spontaneous and positive response for the great cause of our nation”.

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