I’ve nothing to hide, have all the facts: Khurshid

London: Law Minister Salman Khurshid on Saturday rubbished allegations that he was "doing politics using the shoulders of the disabled" saying he has nothing to hide.

"Frankly nothing… nothing to hide. We have all the facts and I know personally, and these are camps… I have personally gone," he said here.

Following a sting operation by a news channel over the functioning of Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust owned by him and his wife Louise, it was alleged that the NGO was involved in cases of financial misappropriation and forgery, a charge denied by the couple.

Taking on from this, Arvind Kejriwal demanded that Khurshid be asked to resign from the Union Cabinet and be arrested along with his wife.

"Many of the officials that are being quoted or used to support the case that no camps were held, their picture are rare… And to all, I'll show that picture," he said.

Hitting out at his detractors, he said, "While in my own country… third-rate people are doing third-rate things."