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ISI may try its best to rescue Fai feel federal prosecutors

Washington: Pakistans ISI could try its best to rescue Ghulam Nabi Fai, accused of being on its payroll for 20 years and funnelling its cash into the US to influence lawmakers on Kashmir, feel federal prosecutors, who also claim that the Kashmiri separatist had lived "a life of lies."

Assistant US Attorney Gordon Kromberg said ISI has a wide network of supporters and agents across the globe and would try its best to rescue 62-year-old Fai, head of the Kashmiri American Council who has been put under house arrest with electronic surveillance and an unsecured bond of USD 100,000.

"Based on the information in the complaint and to a large degree conceded by Mr Fai after his arrest, he has been an agent of the Pakistani intelligence service for more than 20 years," he said.

"As such it is likely that the Pakistani intelligence service has an obligation to try to protect Mr Fai from getting prosecuted for being their agent. As a result, he likely has a network of support internationally from the secret service of a foreign government," Kromberg said.

"There is no doubt at this point that he agrees that he has been an affiliate of the Pakistani Secret Services Intelligence Directorate Agency for, he says, 15 years, we say more than 20. Either way he has been in contact with his handlers hundreds and thousands of times," he said.

The ISI has facilities throughout Europe, Kromberg said.

"As we stated in the complaint there are equivalent Kashmiri centres in London and Belgium. He (Fai) could obtain assistance from the ISI without going to Pakistan. He has gotten millions of dollars over the last 20 years from the ISI in the US through a network of supporters, through a network of people used by Zaheer Ahmed (another US citizen charged along with him) to transfer ISI money to Fai," he said.

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