Indian-themed games make inroads

Bangalore: Foreign superheroes and characters will have to make way as the Indian-themed games laced with Bollywood masala, Indian cricket fever and ancient mythology make their presence felt on the social gaming scenario.

"Indians want Indian content", said Rajagopal Menon Director, Games2win whose games like The Great Indian Arranged Marriage, Turbo Cricket, KissMat have found takers.

"Bold and Beautiful was great 20 years ago when Star TV first came into India, today even MTV is desi", says Menon.

"Secondly, Indians are getting richer and are willing to spend. The Law of Demand and Supply takes over from here.

Cricket and Bollywood are testimony to the fact that Indian content has arrived and how!", he said.

According to Rahul Razdan, President – Products & Operations, ibibo web, Indian social gaming was going the mainstream cinema and television way, where local created media managed to make a strong statement.

"The Indian gaming audience is looking for stories and characters they identify with and situations that are nearer home… It is local that has a bigger appeal, similar to mainstream cinema and television" he said.

Sony Playstation, leading console game player, which has partnered with Bollywood blockbuster franchise to create a PlayStation game on the movie ? ?RA.ONE ? starring Shah Rukh Khan, said Indian based theme was finding takers.

According to Atindriya Bose, country manager, Sony PlayStation, which has rolled out gameS based on mythological characters like Hanuman said "it was better to have known characters, known storylines instead of a new story, creating new characters, as the market here still had to mature.

"The comfort level with these charactes and story line was higher especially in first time gamers", said Bose.

Sony has also tied up with known IPs like Tinkle comics for creating games with now famous characters like Suppandi, Shikari Shambu. "There is automatic acceptance", he said.