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Varanasi: Amid the increasing incidents of kidnapping of children, students of Ashoka Institute of Varanasi have created a smart-tracker uniform. This will be helpful in finding missing children. With this technique, children could be found and kept informed about their location.

As soon as the child comes out of the house, this device connected to a phone will inform the parents about his/her whereabouts. Its range is unlimited and will be able to track the child even from a distance of a few kilometres. It will act as a child's bodyguard.

[caption id="attachment_472879" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Smart-Tracker Uniform[/caption]


B.Tech final year students Aarti Yadav, Pooja and Sangeeta of Ashoka Institute have created the smart-tracker uniform which is equipped with nano-GPS technology.

Aarti told IANS that incidents of kidnapping have increased during the lockdown. In view of this, a GPS device has been installed in children's uniform. Simultaneously, a SIM card cloud has been inserted. Putting the command on the SIM card will lead to the correct location of the child.

The inventors say this will not only provide information about the exact location of the children after their disappearance, but also of children who are unable to speak properly, if such children are lost. With the help of a bar code their parents can be informed and the police will easily be able to nab the kidnappers.

By applying the bar code, the complete profile of the child would be known. This will enable him/her to be sent home easily. This device is concealed in the children's pants. It is equipped with a battery which can function comfortably for six or seven hours. Apart from this, a transmitter and a buzzer are also installed.

When the child leaves the house, the transmitter will cause a sound in the receiver which will indicate the child has moved out of the house. It is very useful for parents of young children and costs nearly Rs 1,000.

Aarti said, "We have written a letter to Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan about this innovation. We request the UP government to see this invention and use it in the state so that young children can be more safe. Children's clothing companies can put their clothes on display in the market by applying this chip."

Dean Shyam Chaurasia, Research and Development, Ashoka Institute, has appreciated the efforts of the girl students and motivated them to continue with such an innovative campaign. He said this unique effort by the girl students will ensure the safety of young children.

Mahadev Pandey, senior Scientific Officer, Regional Science and Technology Centre in Gorakhpur, said that this innovation is very useful for young children. This device can prove to be quite effective in case of any accident that might happen to them.