Indian killed after being hit by speeding car in Oz

Melbourne: A 25-year-old Indian woman was killed after being hit by an "out-of-control" car driven by a teenager when she was pushing a pram carrying her baby boy while walking through a Perth suburb in Australia along with her husband.

Manju Bala was walking with her husband Gurdeep Singh and pushing the pram when she was hit by the speeding car in Maylands on Tuesday night.

"A young man in his late teens was travelling in a southerly direction when he lost control of his vehicle and collided with the woman," police officer Sharon Leonard was quoted by the media here as saying. "The husband and the three-month-old baby survived.

Tragically the woman, who was taken to Royal Perth Hospital, has since passed away," she said.
Singh managed to push his baby`s pram out of the way of the vehicle but his wife was thrown several metres from the car`s bonnet.

"He was speeding. The recommended speed is 40. I`m a taxi driver so I can imagine what the speed. There was no reaction time," Singh was quoted as saying.

The accident occurred on a sharp bend in a residential road, between Fogerthorpe Crescent and Joseph Street, where the road curves at an almost 90-degree angle.

One of the first residents who was on the scene to help said the driver denied that he was speeding at the time of the crash.

"I heard a screech that got me out of bed and then a small bang followed by a huge, big crash that sent me running down the driveway," Rebecca said. "I saw the father standing by the pram, up the driveway a bit, saying `my baby, my baby`. I rushed over to the baby.

The baby was pressed up on his stomach. "The husband was saying `my wife, my wife` and I ran around and that`s when I saw the car and all the dust or smoke coming out of the bonnet. And I saw her lying on the nature strip… and I looked at her and she was awkwardly positioned," Rebecca said.

"She had scratches on her face. She moved her head slightly and breathed. Then I turned my attention back to the baby." Bala was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital, but died of her injuries several hours later. Singh will now arrange to have her body flown to India for last rites.