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Increasing abuse of women protection laws: Study

Nagpur: `Save Indian Family Foundation` (SIFF), an NGO, has claimed that over five lakh persons had been harassed by the alleged misuse of various women protection laws including the Anti-dowry Law, Domestic Violence Law and Maintenance Act, even as 22 per cent of total arrested in these cases are women.

Based on the figures provided by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the NGO that is fighting for the rights of husbands against the alleged misuse of these laws, has claimed that while these laws are increasingly misused by women, many women themselves are falling prey to it, Rajesh Vakharia, a founder member and president of Nagpur Chapter of the Foundation told PTI. "If a woman files a complaint against her husband, his family members including, his mother, sister, sister-in laws and others, are subject to police action in these cases," he said.

Another NGO, Children`s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), founded in 2008, is working on the issue of separation of a child from its parents. CRISP is engaged in highlighting the grievances of men deprived of access to their children. "A father`s involvement in child care can not be substituted by anyone in the world," Vakharia said.

The organisation has demanded setting up of special courts to deal with child custody cases and address problems faced by parents barred from visit to children.

"We are a pro-family, pro-life organisation and want to promote family harmony in the society. The group has members from professionals like software engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen and social workers," he said. Save Indian Family Foundation has sister organisations named `All India Mother-in-Law Protection Forum`, `All India Forgotten Women Association` and `Mother and Sister Initiatives` (MASI).

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