ICPA pilots threaten another stir

Mumbai: Air India`s pilots represented by the Indian Commercial Pilots` Association (ICPA) today threatened "industrial action" if outstanding issues are not resolved by the November 30 deadline, in a fresh letter to Aviation Minister Vayalar Ravi today.

"Despite the fact that the end of November is approaching, the Dharmadhikari committee has yet to come out with a report followed by implementation of parity by the aviation ministry," ICPA said a letter to Ravi.

The association also said that their "demand for interim payment, till complete parity, of fixed monthly flying allowance along with fixed layover subsistence allowance on priority basis has never been taken up. The ministry appears to have failed to refer the matter to the committee".

The letter also alleged that despite assurance made by the ministry, the monthly utilisation of pilots in winter schedule on Airbus A320 fleet remains at 52 hours per pilot, due to a cabin crew shortage. The letter alleged that this showed Air India is still being mismanaged.

"Expat pilots continue to fly B-777s. According to our information, approximatety 36 expats are still employed on the B-777 fleet. Additionally, Air india Express continues to hire many more, totalling around 150 expats together. On one hand, ICPA members are underutilised, and on the other hand, aircraft continue to be manned by expats. This is completely against the interests of AI," the letter said.