Higher edu strengthens Indo-US ties: Burleigh

Itanagar: US Ambassador to India Peter A Burleigh has said higher education works as a vital thread of Indo-US relations and Indian students should accept the challenges and responsibilities associated with it.

"The two governments are developing as very ambitious partners, particularly in education. Various student and faculty exchange programmes and scholarships are proof of this," Burleigh, who visited the Rajiv Gandhi University at Rono Hill here on Thursday said.

Stating that over 100000 Indians travelling every year to the US for higher education forming the second largest such group in the world, he said American students were also coming to take up studies in India and it was the 14th most preferred destination in the group.

"In the IT sector, where previously mostly BPO work was outsourced to India, today it has evolved into a mutually beneficial sector where there is a shared initiative to develop technologies and US researchers are actually working in tandem with Indian counterparts," he said.