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High-voltage exchanges in Lokpal drafting meeting

New Delhi: Otherwise cordial, the discussions between union ministers and Team Anna members "degernated" into a spat on the statements issued by acvitists against the government and its functionaries on one occasion during the Lokpal Committee deliberations."The activists have been rather generous in their praise towards us, by calling us liars, cheats and conpirators and Anna Hazare ji himself, I heard on television yesterday, saying that whatever whatever we had promised at the time when he was on fast we have reneged on that promise," Minister for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal said.

The audio recordings of the conversations made public through RTI show high voltage exchanges between Sibal and activist Arvind Kejriwal and Lawyer Prashant Bhushan. The Minister said that "before the start of this meeting, I would like to know how and when we have cheated you, lied to you, conspired against you and how and when we have been arrogant and in what manner have we gone back on any promise that we made to you before any substantive discussion is taken forward." In response, Kejirwal said there have been "utterances" from both sides. "No, you have said we have lied. Please tell us when any of us lied? When any one of us cheated?," Sibal said.

"Would request if we can come to discussion on the bill rather than…,"Kejriwal said. "No Sir, you have to. You have said publicly outside. You must place on record in these proceedings because these are being auio-taped as to when and how we lied, when and how we cheated, when and how we conspired and when we have gone back on promise and on what?," Sibal said.

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