Govt vows action against rumour mongers

New Delhi: With exodus of Northeast origin people from Bangalore continuing, the Centre today vowed to take strong action against those responsible for spreading rumours leading to the situation.

"We will detect those who are spreading rumours. Those responsible for the exodus from Bangalore will not go scot free," Union Home Secretary R K Singh told reporters here.

Singh said the situation in Bangalore arising out of mass exodus of Northeast origin people was fully under control after deployment of security forces and a joint meeting of people of Northeast and minorities by local authorities.

"Police commissioner and the Chief Minister said that Northeastern people are safe in Bangalore. Minority people have told that they are safe and after meeting, people have stopped leaving the city," he said.

Referring to the prevailing situation in Assam, the Home Secretary said there were two isolated incidents yesterday but it was not clear if one can describe them as fresh violence.

"Two minor incidents have taken place. These were isolated incidents. The situation is fully under control in Assam and you cannot call them fresh violence. We need to investigate these matters," he said.