Govt opens communication channel with Hazare

New Delhi: Government today opened a channel of communication with anti-corruption protestors led by Anna Hazare with Union Minister Kapil Sibal meeting activists Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal to find a way out on the demand for a joint committee on drafting Lokpal Bill.

Sibal, who met the activists at his residence, said the broad parametres of solving the issue has been agreed upon.

"We have started a channel of communication. We met last evening. We met today also. The talks have been constructive…The formalities are yet to be agreed upon. We are meeting again," Sibal told reporters after the meeting.

But he did not elaborate on what the formula is saying the attempt is that all are together.

"We want to deal with corruption. We want to get rid of corruption. We want the civil society to participate. We have no problem with that," he said appealing to Hazare to call off the hunger strike.

"The objective of the government and civil society is to sit together and to deal with the issue of corruption effectively through an appropriate legislation," he said.

Agnivesh said he will inform Hazare about the outcome of the talks which he described as "positive".

"We will inform Hazare about the talks. The final decision will be his," he said.