Govt open to discussing all issues in Parliament: Shinde

New Delhi: Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde today said the Government was "open" to discussing all issues in Parliament, including the violence in Assam.

"I am prepared to discuss, open at any time, even if till midnight we have to sit, yes we will sit and listen to the opposition and everyone," Shinde, who is the new Leader of Lok Sabha, told reporters on the first day of the monsoon session.

The session is expected to kick up a lot of heat and dust as Opposition parties are planning to raise issues like violence in Assam, rising prices, economy and drought.

Asked whether the government would accept the adjournment motion which will be moved by BJP on Assam violence, Shinde said he "will not speak (about it) at this moment. But we are open, we are prepared for discussion".

Seeking to corner the government, BJP has announced plans to raise on the very first day of Parliament the issue of clashes in Assam which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has termed as a blot on the nation.

"If the opposition, they are in the right way, they are taking up their issues, we are always open to discuss it," Shinde said.

The Assam issue could generate a lot of heat as Congress and the Opposition are expected to indulge in charges and counter charges.