Govt losing legitimacy, can regain through RTI

New Delhi: The Right to Information Act can restore the legitimacy that the government has been losing over the years resulting in total disconnect between it and the people, Central Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra said.

Speaking at a book release function here, Mishra candidly spoke about the disconnect of people with the government and the role that RTI can play in bringing the masses in the core realm of the decision-making process.

"There is an atmosphere of cynicism because the government does not have enough legitimacy," Mishra said.

"We are passing through a phase of modern India`s history when there is so much of cynicism that it appears that ground is slipping beneath us. There is general sense of, you know, as if the centre is not holding, in a more literal sense," he said.

The CIC was speaking at a panel discussion on the release of the book `T-Junction Crossing Over for Change` by author Poonam Srivastava, consultant and entrepreneur, which chronicles the lives of people who have chosen to tread alternate paths after leaving the comforts of cushy jobs.

"Government of any kind — democratic, dictatorial, monarchy — all forms of governments need legitimacy to sustain. The government in India, unfortunately, has been losing legitimacy and today one can very safely say that there is total disconnect between the people and the Government," Mishra said.

He said in such a scenario, the RTI Act, which was made six years ago, has emerged as an inexpensive way for the government to get back its legitimacy by inviting people into its "core realm — the office space which was totally out of bounds for the people."