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Govt hatching conspiracy to malign me: Ramdev

New Delhi: With the ED probing charges of Foreign Currency Regulatory Act (FCRA) violations by his trusts, Yoga guru Ramdev today accused the government of hatching a conspiracy to stop him from going ahead with his movement against black money.

Ramdev also alleged that similar conspiracies were planned against other people including anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare.

"When Hazare decided to stand up against corruption, people from a party started putting allegations of murder, dacoity, extortion and kidnapping against him and his associates. I am thankful that no such serious allegations were put against me," he said here.

Denying that he ever received a notice from Enforcement Directorate for foreign funding of his trusts, Ramdev said, "No rule or law has been violated by me or the trusts run by me. The foreign funds we receive is as per the government norms."

"The trusts run by me do not have any direct relation with any company… Patanjali Yog Trust is not a company. It has been serving people for last 20 years," he said.

Claiming that he has no bank account or piece of land anywhere, Ramdev said, "A big conspiracy is being run by the government to malign me and to stop my movement."

"Did I commit a crime by serving people and curing them? What is wrong if I talk about spiritual development of my country along with its economic betterment? I am being treated as if am the biggest criminal of this world, as if I am the most wanted Swami Ramdev," he said.

Meanwhile, Congress Spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi dismissed the allegations made by Ramdev and said there is no question of motivated action by the government.

"Let the departments proceed according to law. It is needless to add that Ramdev is entitled to pursue all democratic activities in a democratic country," Singhvi said.

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