Govt, Cong slam Team Anna

New Delhi: Government and the Congress today slammed Team Anna over its agitation on the Lokpal issue accusing them of having a hidden agenda and of being ignorant of Parliamentary procedures. "Where is the question of agitation. They are not aware of Parliamentary proceedures or doing it deliberately with some motive," Minister of State for Personnel and PMO V Narayanswamy told reporters.

Striking a similar note, party spokesperson Rashid Alvi accused Team Anna members of "misguiding" the nation over its agitation against Government on corruption issue and dared them to go to court if they have any proof. Narayanswamy said that the government was committed to bringing the bill in the Rajya Sabha as early as possible but since it does not have a majority, it was trying to evolve a consensus.

Noting that Anna Hazare is a good person and a simple man, the minister said that he was being used by those people, whose purpose is to create an atmosphere of instability. They have got a "hidden agenda", he said. "Where is the proof against 15 ministers. A CAG report and paper cuttings cannot be proof," the minister said dismissing the allegations of Team Anna. Alvi said that the the basic motive of dharna and hunger strike is to draw the attention of the government but "unfortunately Anna team has made it a joke".

"Their demand to set up an inquiry against 15 ministers on the basis of documents they have is unacceptable. If they have any proof. They should knock the door of the court rather than misguide the nation," he said. The Congress reaction came after Team Anna launched an indefinite fast upping the ante against the UPA government on the corruption issue.