Four parties to express views on Telangana

New Delhi: The Centre today said it will convene a meeting of political parties of Andhra Pradesh to discuss Telangana issue only when it gets the views from all of them and appealed to youngsters not to take their own lives for the cause.

Home Minister P Chidambaram said four political parties in Andhra Pradesh – Congress, TDP, MIM and YSR Congress – are yet to make up their mind about their stand on Telangana. "There is a demand for a decision. From my side and from the government of India side, we are requesting the four political parties which have not yet expressed their opinions, to quickly make up their mind and tell us their views. I hope they will soon," he said at a press conference here.

Chidambaram said the Central government was ready to call a meeting of eight political parties, once it gets the signal of four political parties, out of the eight, (that they) are ready and give their views.

The Home Minister said he was aware that several youths have taken their own lives demanding a separate Telangana state and appealed that no one should take his own life for any cause.

"I don`t think it advances any cause. Besides, I don`t know the fact of each case. Assuming that each case is related to Telangana, it is deeply regrettable, that young people should be persuaded or persuade themselves to take their lives. Taking one`s life does not advance any cause. In fact one should live and fight for the cause," he said.

Asked why he has not reminded the four political parties to give their views, he said, "I am in touch with them. I may not have issued a reminder in writing but I am in touch with the four parties".

BJP, TRS, CPI, CPI-M – have already taken a stand on the Telangana issue but the four others were yet to make up their mind. Two earlier meetings of the political parties were held on January 5, 2010 and January 6, 2011.