‘Feel personal loss’ on passing away of Laxman: President

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee tonight condoled the death of eminent cartoonist RK Laxman, saying his death has left a void in the world of creativity which will be difficult to fill.

In his message, the President said he was extremely saddened to learn of the passing away of Laxman.

“I feel personal loss because I was both an avid follower and subject of his cartoons.

“India will miss the genius who made the common man into a national icon. He conveyed important social messages using humour as a tool and reminded the public that people in authority are fallible and human,” he said in his message.

The President said that through the medium of his cartoons Laxman, who was honoured by the government with a Padma Vibhushan, was the conscience keeper of the nation.

“His death leaves a void in the world of creativity and social commentary which will be difficult to fill,” he said.