Facebook India seeks deletion of name from suit

New Delhi: Seeking deletion of its name from a suit against social networking websites for hosting alleged objectionable contents, the Facebook India today told a Delhi court that it is not responsible for the contents appearing on website facebook.com.

"It is not responsible for hosting the content that may appear on facebook.com as it does not control or operate the servers that host the website, which are located in the United States," Facebook India submitted to Administrative Civil Judge Parveen Singh. After hearing Facebook India`s argument for deletion of its name from the suit, the court reserved its order for May 22. Seeking deletion of its name, Facbook India also argued that it provides only technical support and services to Facebook (US).

Facebook was making its submission in response to a civil suit filed by one Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi against it, Yahoo, Google and other internet firms objecting to certain contents on their websites which, he alleged had hurt the religious sentiments of various communities.

Facebook India told teh court even the evidence, including images and videos relied upon by him, does not show their source or URL and as such Qasmi had made "vague allegations in relation to some alleged content being hosted on certain websites." It also said it has been impleaded under the incorrect description of `Facebook` and stated that the correct name is `Facebook India Online Services Pvt Ltd`.

Meanwhile, Qasmi`s counsel told the court that Facebook India is a proper and necessary party to the suit. He said, the company has in its list of objects annexed with the written statement said its object is "To carry on the business in India and abroad for online support services, consulting, conducting, developing, dealing, innovating, programming, advertising, marketing, processing, improving, tracking and otherwise deal in all types of online support services and online solutions in India and abroad and to promote and market the product and technology and provide technical support and services." He said "such a broad spectrum can cover anything and everything."