Election for the post of Vice President on Aug 7

New Delhi: Election to the post of Vice President will be held on August 7 and the results would be out on the same day, the Election Commission announced today. The term of the incumbent Md Hamid Ansari expires on August 10. Announcing the poll schedule, the Election Commission, after its meeting, decided that it would issue the notification on July 6, which will set the election process in motion.

While the last date for filing nominations is July 20, after scrutiny the next day, the last date for withdrawal of candidatures is July 23. The counting of votes will take place on August 7. The Vice-President is elected by the members of the electoral college consisting of members of both Houses of Parliament. There are a total of 790 members of Parliament.

Unlike in the Presidential election, the nominated members of both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are also eligible participate in the election for the post of Vice President. A nomination paper of a candidate has to be proposed by at least twenty electors and seconded by as many. The Election Commission, in consultation with the Central Government, has decided to appoint the Secretary General to the Lok Sabha as the Returning Officer for the election.

The Commission also decided to appoint Assistant Returning Officer from amongst the officers of the Lok Sabha Secretariat to assist the Returning Officer. MPs in the vice presidential poll will vote in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote.