Delhi Police to deal with agitation of Hazare

New Delhi: With Anna Hazare threatening to renew his protest on Lokpal, the Centre today defended the handling of the Gandhian`s agitation four months ago and stressed that any future stir will also be “dealt” by the Delhi Police. Stressing that the government was never in a “tizzy” during the Ramlila Maidan protest, Union Home Secretary R K Singh said both the agitations of yoga guru Ramdev and Anna Hazare were handled “very well” with the “best available option and judgement” and justified the arrest of the Gandhian.

“I do not agree with the people who said he (Hazare) should never have been sent to jail. Absolutely no question. Had I been in the place of (Delhi) Police Commissioner, I would have done exactly what he did,” he said at a press conference. Singh was responding to a question on whether the central government considered the handling of the protests by Anna Hazare and Ramdev a few months ago as a success or a failure.

Asked how the government intends to deal with any future agitation by Hazare, Singh said, “The matter will be dealt by Delhi Police and the Commissioner of Police who is in-charge of the law and order. It will be dealt according to the best judgement and I have fullest confidence on their judgement.”

Singh said the government does not handle any law and order situation by taking public opinion but by the best available option at that particular time and best judgement. “I think both the agitations were handled very well. The government was never in a tizzy. There was no question of government being in a tizzy.”