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Delhi govt hikes pension for over 75

New Delhi: Old-age pensioners attaining age of 75 and above in the city will get monthly pension of Rs 1,500 instead of existing Rs 1,000. Announcing the enhancement in monthly emoluments, Social Welfare Minister, Kiran Walia, however, said people in the age bracket of 60 and less than 75 will continue to get Rs 1,000 old-age pension per month .Delhi government currently pays old-age pension to around three lakh senior citizens in the national capital. To become eligible to get the pension, a senior citizen`s annual income should not exceed Rs 60,000.

The decision to enhance the pension for people who have attained 75 years of age was decided at the first meeting of the recently constituted State Council for Senior Citizens. She said that volunteers of National Service Scheme in the universities and colleges would be involved for extending help to senior citizens like taking them to hospitals when required.


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