Decision on Telangana on basis of consensus: PM

On Board Air India One: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said a decision on Telangana will be taken on the basis of a consensus and nothing will be done in a hurry to do something that will create trouble in other region.

"Telangana is a complicated matter. We want consensus where all shades of opinion will feel what is best. We cannot solve Telangana by agreeing to Telangana and there is disturbances and unrest in other parts," he said.

Singh was replying to a question from journalists on board his special plane while returning from Maldives as to what his government was doing in Andhra Pradesh where a serious situation has evolved on Telangana issue. "As for an appropriate solution, we will work to find a practical ways and means so that all the stakeholders can agree to accept a solution," the Prime Minister said.