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CWG: CCTV firm submitts fake DVDs to cop

New Delhi: Security for the marathon and cycling events during last year`s Common wealth Games in India appeared to have been compromised as Delhi Police have now found that the footage submitted to them were tampered with allegedly by a couple who bagged a Rs 25 lakh contract for the job.

The CCTVs, installed by the company owned by them, could not record the happenings in the area and most of the 61 DVDs they submitted to police after the event were `fabricated, blank or copy of some other camera recordings mentioning different locations,` investigations have found.

Following the revelations, police registered a case of cheating and criminal conspiracy against Pawan Gambhir and Seema Rajput Wednesday, 360 days after the event was held in the capital where world-known cyclists and marathon runners took part. Gambhir and Seema could not be contacted for comments.

Delhi was on a hightened security alert during October first half last year due to the holding of Commonwealth Games in which sports personalities from 71 countries participated. The registration of the case came after a vigilance enquiry established that the CCTV footage were "blank or faulty" and they submitted it after "manipulating and editing" by changing the timing and location of cameras. The Vigilance probe was prompted by a complaint from a company.

Gambhir`s wife Seema, who owns Indo-Tech Systems, was awarded the Rs 25 lakh contract by Delhi Police`s Provision and Logistics department to install CCTVs for a particular portion for the two CWG events. The firm was asked to install the CCTVs and other accessories by October six last year and it had to be there till October 14, a senior police official said. .

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