Corruption, scandals top concerns for Indians

New Delhi: At a time when people across the world are mostly worried about their jobs, issues like corruption and financial or political scandals are the biggest concerns for Indians, says a latest survey. According to the study conducted by global research firm Ipsos, 71 per cent of Indian surveyed said that corruption and financial or political scandals are their biggest worries.

Terrorism emerged as the second biggest concern for Indians (38 per cent), followed by crime and violence (34 per cent) and poverty and social inequality (31 per cent). As per the survey, these were followed by concerns related to unemployment and jobs (28 per cent), high tax rate (15 per cent) and healthcare and education (14 per cent). Results from the Ipsos poll, conducted among over 18,000 persons across 24 countries, further showed that globally 49 per cent respondents termed unemployment and jobs as their biggest concern.

This was followed by concerns over poverty and social inequality, corruption and financial/political scandals, and crime and violence as the major concerns globally. "India has been rocked lately by a series of corruption scandals that have embarrassed the government, rattled markets and delayed reform bills as the opposition stalled parliament and government was busy tackling agitation for strong anti- corruption Citizens Ombudsmen `Jan Lokpal` bill lead by Anna Hazare," Ipsos said.

"The country, 87th in Transparency International`s rankings based on perceived levels of corruption, is no stranger to scandals, thus it is not a surprise to see Indians are most worried about corruption and financial or political scandals," it added.