Corruption in India pains me: Dalai Lama

New Delhi: Describing himself as a "messenger of India", the Dalai Lama today said it caused him "great pain" to witness corruption in the country and expressed hope that graft cases would be dealt with deftly.

"I see myself as a messenger of India. I am her son because when I was in need it was she who helped me, so when I read frequent reports about corruption, it pains me," said the Dalai Lama, addressing students at Delhi Public School here.

Friday, the Tibetan spiritual leader had said he "fully" supported anti-graft activist Anna Hazare`s movement but declined to go into the merits of his methods. "Although I am a Tibetan, I see myself as an Indian physically, emotionally and sentimentally. I owe the country a great deal. I am healthy today because of the dal, chawal (rice) and chapati I`ve fed on here," he said in jest.

The leader said he had two "main commitments" in life– to promote happiness and encourage ahimsa (non-violence), both of which he claimed were taught by India.

Praising the educational system in the country, the Dalai Lama called for the inclusion of spiritual teachings which are an "integral part" of the Indian culture. "The education system in India is very good without doubt, but it would be more holistic if spiritual teachings, which are an intricate part of the Indian culture and not affiliated to any religion, are included," he said.

He also urged the students to contribute more to the society and help bridge the chasm between the rich and the poor. "Education is the key to development of all kinds, including bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. Students are the tools for development and they should do it not by taking arms but through peace and compassion," he said.

When a student asked him if there was any probability of a woman succeeding him, he responded in the affirmative. "There is no hurdle to a woman succeeding me. In fact, I think a woman would make a better Dalai Lama as there are certain situations only they can handle, but a decision is yet to be finalised," he said.