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Construction in restricted area reason for intrusion

New Delhi: Against the backdrop of fresh Chinese incursion in Demchok in Ladakh, Army chief V K Singh on Monday said the area where the incident took place was out of bounds for any construction work but "unfortunately" such activities were being pushed by "some people" for local gains.

Singh said the "so-called" intrusions take place due to perceptional differences about the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China, an issue which is being addressed by the two countries through discussion.

Chinese troops, in September-October last year, had entered Gombir area in Demchok region in Jammu and Kashmir and threatened the civilian workers building a shed as per plans cleared by the state rural development department.

Singh said the Army and the Ministry of External Affairs had advised all people concerned not to rush through matters and wait till the boundary issue was resolved by China and India.

"In this particular case, the so called T Point which is being mentioned is an area (which the) Chinese over a period of time have felt, that the LAC passes through that area and the Army and the Ministry of External Affair`s advise to all the people concerned, has been instead of putting this problem to our head, let us wait till it is resolved," he said.

"Unfortunately, some people for various local gains have pushed construction activity in that area," the General said.

Singh said the Chinese side believed that the LAC passes through the area in question.

"So, obviously somebody (who) has got a perception that the border passes through a particular area is going to come and stop, like we would do if it was our perception," he said.

Singh said he did not view the incident, which took place about two months back, as an alarming development.

"I only see it as a problem of perception. We patrol upto our perception of the LAC which is further east of this and the Chinese come to the LAC as perceived by them," he said.

"When they do that and it is beyond our line, it is called transgression. I am quite sure on the Chinese side also they would call it a transgression when our patrols go upto our line of perception," Singh said.

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