New Delhi: BJP spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra on Tuesday said that the Congress depends on alliances to maintain its political relevance.

Addressing a press conference, Patra said that one such alliance is being done by Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party in West Bengal. He was referring to the Congress alliance with Indian Secular Front (ISF) of Abbas Siddiqui, an influential cleric of Furfura Sharif mosque. "The Congress has tied up with a 'maulana's' party (ISF) and the Left in West Bengal, while it is fighting the Left in Kerala," said the BJP spokesperson.

The Congress, which made claims of doing secular politics, forms an alliance with the ISF in Bengal and the Muslim League in Kerala. In Assam, trying to form an alliance with Badruddin Ajmal's AIDUF and has joined hands with the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra," he said.

He further stated that all the alliances that Congress made were not on the basis of good performance, good reforms or good governance but were done only to somehow maintain the Gandhi family's political relevance.

He alleged that the Congress has no ideology and its only ideology is corruption and nepotism and to come to power anyhow. "Such alliances highlight the Congress's doublespeak."

Taking a dig at Congress over the concerns raised by G-23, Patra said that Congress's ideology is all about fulfilling the Gandhi family's ambition and anyone speaking against it or standing with the rightful agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is criticised.

"Anyone who wants democracy in the party, wants its president to be elected, speaks in favour of politics of development or stands with Modi's rightful agenda will be cornered in Congress," he said.