Congress downplays Trivedi poll remark

New Delhi: Congress today sought to downplay the remarks of Trinamool Congress leader and Rail Minister Dinesh Trivedi that the country may head for a mid-term poll, saying that the UPA government at the Centre will last its full term.

Congress leaders and Union Ministers Jayanthi Natarajan and Rajeev Shukla said the government was "very much stable" and the Lok Sabha elections will take place only in 2014. "We have very good relationship with all our allies. The Congress president has already said that we`ll continue to engage with all our allies and that this government will last its full term," Natarajan said.

She said parties which have been elected in the states should concentrate upon good governance "and not hope to destabilise the central government, because that is a wish which will not come true."

Shukla said Samajwadi Party`s performance in Uttar Pradesh will not have any effect in terms of Lok Sabha polls. "It is not going to effect. They (SP) have done good in UP, but that does not mean it`s going to impact the term of the Lok Sabha…Lok Sabha will last its full term," he said, adding that the UPA government was stable and the general elections will be held as per schedule.