Cong should shun Modiphobia, time to answer on real issues: BJP

New Delhi: As Congress launched a counter-offensive against Narendra Modi, BJP today charged it with lowering the level of political discourse by evading issues of good governance, development and corruption and asked the ruling party to shun its "Modi-phobia".
In a sharp rebuttal to Congress Communication Department Chief Ajay Maken's attack on Modi today, BJP said the Congress leader was short on content and high on enthusiasm.
"The level of discourse- be it in the social media or otherwise- has been lowered by the Congress as it has evaded issues of development and good governance. Instead of responding to the questions raised by Modi, they ask questions about Gujarat…. You cannot answer questions with questions," BJP spokesperson Abhimanyu told reporters.
He claimed that the questions raised by the Congress are out of context and hoped that the ruling party will answer Modi's charges.
"We had hoped that the Congress will speak on the Bodhgaya blasts, or relief and rehabilitation in Uttarakhand or the scams but Congress only talks about Modi. This shows how much Modi-phobia and Namo-nia Congress is suffering from," Abhimanyu said.
"Modi talks about the nation while Congress talks only about Gujarat. We hope in future Congress will talk about good governance, development or even secularism," he added.
Asked about Modi's remarks that Congress hides behind a "burkha (veil)", the BJP leader said the ruling party has always pursued pseudo-secularism.
"Under the garb of secularism, Congress has indulged in politics of appeasement. It has practised divide and rule. Congress is a progeny, a product of the British policy," Abhimanyu said.