Come clean on controversy: Waterman

New Delhi: Rajinder Singh, popularly known as `Waterman`, today urged Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal to come clean on the controversy regarding donations to Anna Hazare movement, saying he could not see transparency in the matter as Team Anna preaches.

Singh, who quit Team Anna recently following the Hazare campaign taking an anti-Congress plank, alleged that Team Anna could have erred in the matter as they did by plunging into "party politics. "They preach transparency but in this case, we cannot see any transparency. They should come clean on this. We are not super humans and we all make mistakes. But the moment you realise it, one should correct it and come out clean," Singh told PTI.

His comments came against the backdrop of another activist Swami Agnivesh, who was sidelined by Team Anna, raising questions about the use of funds donated to Team Anna.

Agnivesh also alleged that the money was deposited in the trust run by Kejriwal from which the names of major team members were missing.

"There are doubts about the Hazare movement. A lot of time has been lost before getting things in order. One should come clean as fast as one can because government may use pressure to curb the movement," Singh said, adding accounts were not discussed in the Core Committee meetings.

At the same time he said, "They might have erred in this matter like the way they plunged into party politics. All movements are political but taking active part in party politics is a different thing."

Asked whether the Hazare movement has lost its way, Singh said it started with one particular purpose but now it seems, it has other purposes.