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Civil society activists criticise police action

(image) New Delhi: Civil society activists Shanti Bhushan and Swami Agnivesh today criticised the police action to end the hunger strike of Baba Ramdev with former Law Minister calling it an Emergency-like situation and demanding resignation of the Prime Minister.

However, Swami Agnivesh was equally critical of Baba Ramdev saying he should have called off the fast once the government gave him assurances on his demands. But instead he instigated his followers to continue the agitation with the result innocent men and women were attacked.

Comparing the government`s action to that of Emergency in 1975, Bhushan said it shows to what extent the government can go to protect black money offenders.

Agnivesh criticised the police action saying this kind of brutal lathicharge and tear gas shelling on sleeping followers was condemnable.

He also accused Baba Ramdev for instigating the crowd to stay back and continue with the agitation even after his demands were met.

"But not calling off the agitation and continuing with some provocative speeches were not helpful," Agnivesh said, adding the whole thing was based on some fishy deal.

Another activist and Anna Hazare camp follower, Arvind Kejriwal said the action shows this government is drunk with power and the whole country will agitate against this.

He said they would like the Prime Minister to explain as to what was the provocation for such a brutal action.

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