Chandolia seeks to drag Radia and corporate leaders in 2G cas

New Delhi: R K Chandolia, former aide of ex-Telecom Minister A Raja, on Friday sought implication of corporate leaders and lobbyist Niira Radia in the 2G case as accused, saying they had participated in the alleged "covert deal" between the Tata group and Kalaignar TV.

The counsel for Chandolia told a Special CBI Judge O P Saini that Aseervatham Achary, an alleged associate of Raja, had allegedly conspired to bring Kalaignar TV on a Tata Sky DTH bouquet by acting as a conduit between Raja and Radia.

"During the conversation when Niira Radia referred to the deal, no where does Achary ask her what was she talking about. This shows that he (Achary) was well aware of the deal between Kalaignar TV and Tata being pursued by Raja.

"Going by this, Tata, Radia, Achary and Kalaignar TV all should be made accused in the case. Tata and Radia are big people and CBI cannot touch them but why not Achary," advocate Vijay Agarwal appearing for Chandolia said.

Chandolia alleged they had allegedly conspired to bring Kalaignar TV on a Tata sky bouquet.

Seeking discharge from the case, Chandolia said no criminality can be attributed to him as he was merely executing the diktats of his "master" A Raja.

He said Achary has been closely associated with Raja for the past 12 years.

"Deals are being struck between Radia and Tata through Achary who is a conduit… Why are they not in jail when I am in jail even when I have no involvement in the matter?" he asked.