Cash crunch, long queues continue

New Delhi: With cash crunch continuing among people, several banks and ATMs witnessed long queues on Saturday, the 38th day after the ban on high denomination notes.

The queues to exchange the old currency notes and at the same time to withdraw through cheques and withdrawal forms was much longer in comparison to depositing the old higher denomination notes — for which the last date set by the government is December 30.

Several branches of IndusInd, Canara and Axis banks — all situated adjacent to each other in Yusuf Sarai area of south Delhi — had at least 70-80 people waiting since early morning.

Many of them said they were compelled to visit the banks regularly as the banks were giving a much lesser amount than the Rs 24,000 per week for every individual as directed by the government.

“I am compelled to stand in the queue for the last two days as I was given only Rs 2,000 yesterday due to scarcity of cash in the bank. Though I have been trying to withdraw Rs 24,000 through cheque… but the unavailability of sufficient cash in the bank is making it impossible,” said Brij Mohan, a driver working with a local legislator.

A few of the ATMs which were dispensing money on Saturday morning also saw queues, with many individuals standing with two-three ATM cards as the withdrawal limit per ATM continued to be restricted to Rs 2, 500 (Rs 2,000 for cards of other banks).

“I have also brought the ATM of my friend as he withdrew money for me two days back. Its a great difficulty to come and stand in the queue for such long hours and withdraw money. Many a times we are unlucky too as by the time our turn to withdraw money comes the money in the machine gets over,” said Srinivas, preparing for his post graduation exams.

People have also urged the government to at least increase the withdrawal limit from ATMs.

“Government is not understanding the problems of the common people. If it will then the withdrawal limit would have been increased at least from Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000,” said Ragini Nayak, a medical student preparing for her post graduation exams.

The queues at the working ATMs in other places such as Connaught Place and South Extension were the same as in the initial days after demonetisation.

Shoban Rai from National Institute of Fashion Technology said: “I gave up standing in the long queues where either my turn to withdraw does not come or the money in the machine gets over. I have borrowed Rs 10,000 from my friend who somehow was able to get Rs 24,000 from the bank through cheque.”