Cancel allotment of coal blocks: BJP

Bangalore: Main opposition BJP on Saturday insisted on its demand for cancellation of allotment of 142 coal blocks and vowed to take what it described as the "biggest scandal perpetrated on the nation" to every part of the country to inform people about it.

Rejecting the Congress charge that BJP was stalling debate on `Coalgate` scam, party spokesman Rajeev Pratap Rudy alleged that "the process of parliamentary system is being subverted by Congress on the basis of its numerical strength."

Talking to reporters here, he said, "the Congress by choice and desire is subverting the institution of democracy, simply because they have numbers."

He also questioned the outcome of debate in Parliament on 2G, Adarsh Housing and Commonwealth Game scams.

As the Congress has numbers to rule the country, BJP also had the "mandate from people to perform the duties of watchman and policeman", Rudy said, taking a dig at accusations against his party that it was not allowing Parliament to function.

"BJP will act as an obstructionist party, if it helps to fill up the coffers of the country," he said and questioned "how can CBI undertake impartial and fair probe into the Coalgate scam when it pertains to the tenure of the Prime Minister, who was also the coal minister of the country (at the time when the alleged irregularities took place)."

On the formation of a Third front by eight political parties under the leadership of Samajwadi Party, Rudy said BJP had set the final agenda for the country — not to legitimise corruption through parliament debate and it was the political parties supporting UPA or NDA to take a call on whether they supported corruption or were against it.