Cabinet clears ammendment to Motor Vehicle Act

New Delhi: The government is understood have cleared a proposal to ammend the Motor Vehicle Act to deal sternly with violators of traffic rules.

According to sources, a meeting of the Cabinet held today has approved the ammendments to the Act for harsher punishments for offences like drunken driving and violation of traffic rules.

"The ammendments are meant to deal the traffic offences seriously. Repeated violations will fetch very high fines and even may take the offenders to jail," a source said.

The modifications are aimed at introducing stronger deterrents and inculcating greater respect for the laws, sources said.

As per reports, the first offence of talking over mobile phones while driving can lead to a fine of Rs 500 and the subsequent violations can be as high as Rs 5,000.

Jumping red lights or not using seat belts and helmets may attract fines between Rs 500 and Rs 1,500, reports said.