Cabinet approves India stand at climate conference

New Delhi: Union Cabinet on Thursday finalised and approved India`s stand at the ongoing UN Climate Conference in Durban. The cabinet has adopted Environment Minister Jayanti Natrajan`s note on India`s position on climate change, sources said.

India and its partners in the BASIC group of nations have emphasised that the Kyoto Protocol is the cornerstone of the climate regime and its second commitment period is the essential priority for the success of Durban Conference.

BASIC is a bloc of four countries comprising Brazil, South Africa, India and China. In a recent meeting held in Beijing, Environment Ministers from BASIC group have offered to work towards the perspective of a comprehensive, ambitious and fair outcome, ensuring the full, effective and sustained implementation of UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol.

The countries wanted the Durban meet to achieve a fair, comprehensive and balanced outcome to enable the full, effective and sustained implementation of the convention and its Kyoto Protocol in accordance with the principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.

Kyoto Protocol favours only legally binding agreement which calls for mandatory emission cuts by rich countries and voluntary cuts by developing nations. India is opposed to any legally binding cuts for developing countries.

The ministers have underlined the continuation of the flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol is contingent upon the establishment of quantified emissions reduction commitments by developed nations under the second commitment period.

The 12-day United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference kicked off on November 28.