Boy traumatised by teacher, dies

Karnal: A six-year-old boy, who was locked in a bathroom for several hours allegedly by his school teacher as a punishment for not completing his homework, has died after remaining ill for over 55 days.

Pankaj, a kindergarten student of Rajkul Senior School Kamela in Gharonda sub-division, was locked in a bathroom for several hours on December 27 last year by his teacher after he failed to complete his home work. The boy remained in a state of shock due to alleged inhuman and insensitive attitude of the teacher before falling sick. He finally died on February 19.

Parents of the boy Jaiver Singh and Reena have held the school authorities responsible for the death of their child claiming that after locking Pankaj in the bathroom, the teacher forgot to open the door.

It was only after the school was over that his elder brother Sagar told the bus driver that his brother had not arrived. After being treated at various places, Pankaj attended school for a day before plunging into shock again.

However, school manager Bablu Rana said that the child had been suffering for some disease and ultimately succumbed to it, a fact denied by the parents of the victim. The district administration has ordered a probe into the incident.