BJP will support Mamata’s no-confidence motion in Parliament: Gadkari

New Delhi: BJP on Sunday said it will support any no-confidence motion to be moved by Mamata Banerjee and declared that its Prime Ministerial candidate will be decided after the Lok Sabha polls.

“100 per cent. We will support her…there is one formula,” BJP President Nitin Gadkari said, adding that the UPA government has no moral authority and lost majority in Parliament after Trinamool Congress quit the coalition.

On the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Gadkari told news a channel that, “Appropriate time…we will decide…after the Lok Sabha election…Let us wait for some time, after election what number of seats we will get on that basis we will decide, who will be the candidate.”

He said “getting majority” is the main aim of the BJP and after the number of seats it gets in the Lok Sabha polls, “we will sit and decide the candidate on that basis.”

Gadkari denied that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had made a suggestion to declare the prime ministerial candidate of the NDA before the polls, saying, “He never says like this”. The BJP chief also denied there was any rift with its alliance partner JD-U.

On Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi being the BJP’s choice as the PM candidate, Gadkari said, “He was one of the front runner”.

“There are many leaders who are capable to become a PM from Advani to Arun to Sushma, Rajnath Singh, Joshi, Narendra Modi, they all are capable for the PM, they all are people’s leaders and the group of all capable leaders is the think tank for the party, and we will decide appropriate time who will be our candidate,” he said.

Taking a moral high ground on allegations of his business links with Ajay Sancheti, Gadkari challenged the Congress that if they are proved he will quit politics.

“I challenge the Congress party and media – if you have single evidence which can prove that I have a direct, indirect business link with Ajay Sancheti or Sharad Pawar please prove that. I will donate all my property to whosoever can be identified…I will leave the politics,” he said.