BJP fears losing Winter Session of Parliament

New Delhi: BJP on Friday charged the government with being adamant on the issue of FDI in retail and feared there would be no option left but to lose the entire winter session of Parliament in case it did not budge from its stand.

The opposition is demanding on roll back of the government`s decision to allow FDI in retail. "If the government is adamant, then whatever it wants it could do. And if the session is not functioning, then the entire responsibility lies with the government. If they don`t rollback, then what option does anyone have. And we have a precedent of last year. It was exactly the winter session which they allowed to be wasted," BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said.

He said the government allowed the last winter session of Parliament to be wasted and no sooner did the budget session start, they agreed to the setting up of the JPC to probe the 2G spectrum scam. "But they did not see it proper to agree to it in the winter session itself," he said.

Talking about the current stalemate over FDI in retail sector, Sinha said "economic reforms in this country for some people is only synonymous with foreign direct investment." "If you permit FDI, then you are reformist and if you don`t then you are non-reformist. This is the narrowest definition of economic reforms that I have ever heard in my life."

He alleged the government was saying "all kinds of lies in support of it" after touting it as a "huge reform step" without bothering about the consequences which will follow.

Asked about NDA bringing a cabinet note on bringing 26 per cent FDI during its reign at the Centre, Sinha, who was former Finance Minister in NDA government, said "why only the Cabinet note? What happened to that cabinet note? Somebody wrote a note. No decision was taken."

He said "can that be taken as a policy of BJP or NDA government. Clearly not. So, these are all propaganda which is being dished out to obfuscate the real issue."

He said "if there is not going to be a roll back, then government should be ready. They probably will roll back when the budget session starts, like they did in the case of the JPC (on 2G scam) issue. Had they agreed to a JPC on the first day or the second day of the last parliament session, then the session would have functioned."

He said "nothing is above Parliament – neither the government nor the government`s prestige. If they have taken a wrong step and if they take it back, then I feel there should be no dent on the government`s prestige."