BJP demands Prez rule in Manipur

New Delhi: A BJP delegation today met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to convey its concern over the situation in Manipur-caused by the nearly three-month economic blockade-and demanded imposition of President`s Rule in the state.

The BJP delegation, comprising of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, her Rajya Sabha counterpart Arun Jaitley and party president Nitin Gadkari, met Singh along with some party leaders from Manipur. They informed him that the situation in the state was grave.

"While apprising the Prime Minister about the situation in Manipur, which is not only sensitive but also dangerous, we made some demands. Prices of essential commodities have sky-rocketed, petrol and diesel being sold at arbitrary prices, potatoes and vegetable prices are so high that even the rich cannot afford them," Swaraj told reporters after the meeting.

She maintained that it is beyond comprehension how the government in Manipur has stayed a mute spectator while the situation has continued to deteriorate for such a long time. "So we have demanded that first of all, dismiss the government there and impose President`s Rule in the state," Swaraj said.

Manipur, where elections are due in a few months, has been facing an economic blockade due to protests. As a result, essential commodities are not reaching the people. "Secondly, we suggested that under your leadership you should take an all-party delegation to Manipur and sit and talk to the people there. They need a human touch," she said.

BJP also demanded that Rs 3 lakh compensation be given to each family and sending of essential supplies to the state through an "alternate route". It said black marketing should be checked and strict action taken against those indulging it it.

"The Prime Minister said he is aware of the situation and will think about sending an all-party delegation. He will talk to the Home Ministry and then inform us. He liked our suggestion. He also said he is in constant touch with Manipur but no solution is in sight at the moment. He was receptive to our suggestions and the talks were cordial," Swaraj said.